What To Order If You're A Vegetarian And Have Been Invited To A BBQ Restaurant

Posted on: 27 December 2017

If you are a vegetarian and you are going out to a barbecue restaurant, you might be a bit concerned that you will not know what to order. Many times people will invite you out to eat and they might not take into account what sort of food you eat. This can lead to a lot of awkward situations once you sit down and are about to take place your order. The person who invited you out to eat might feel incredibly embarrassed if you sit there and are confused about what to order.

But it doesn't have to be like this! A vegetarian can order lots of things at a barbecue restaurant and have a really awesome time. The list below is designed to help you come up with some ideas about what you can order.

Mac And Cheese

Barbecue restaurants are famous for their mac and cheese sides. But just because it's listed as a side it doesn't mean that you can't order it as an entree. These mac and cheese dishes are often times spiced up with smoked bacon, so you will want to check with the server about that one. These dishes are not like the stuff you might have eaten which was made from a powder mix and came out of the box. The mac and cheese from a nice barbecue restaurant will be made with real cheeses.

Veggie Burger

Another cool thing about modern barbecue restaurants is that so many of them offer vegetarian friendly options. The most common one you will encounter is a veggie burger. These are a fantastic alternative to eating a side as an entree. The burgers might be made of a meat alternative such as tofu, seitan, or a black bean mix. Or you might find something such as a portabello mushroom burger. The portabello mushroom burgers are great because they can be cooked on the grill and you could even get them with BBQ sauce.

Chopped Salad

Finally, don't forget about salads. These are really an excellent option for a main course as well. The big chopped salads at barbecue restaurants are amazing. You can get them with hard boiled eggs, walnuts, blue cheese, smokey chipotle and caramelized onions. Instead of chicken or other meats that they might include, you can ask your server to add something such as grilled veggies to the salad, or else ask for extra servings of cheese, eggs, or avocados to make it a complete meal.

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