Great Ways To Use Mesquite Honey

Posted on: 22 November 2021

When you first hear the term "mesquite honey," you may assume this is a honey that has been smoked over mesquite wood. However, mesquite honey is actually honey that has been made from the nectar of mesquite trees. It's mostly produced in the southwest United States, where mesquite trees are common. Even though this honey is not, in fact, smoked, it does tend to be darker in color with a more robust flavor than most honey. You'll want to keep this in mind when using the honey. Here are some great ways to use mesquite honey.

In Dipping Sauces

The more powerful, robust flavor of this honey means it can stand up to more strongly flavored foods, like meats. Therefore, mesquite honey can be a good addition to dipping sauces for chicken tenders, beef ribs, and the like. It's a good honey to use in barbecue sauces and honey mustard. Or you can get more creative and craft your own unique sauces, using mesquite honey as a base.

In Baking

The stronger flavor of mesquite honey also makes it a good choice for baking. If you use mesquite honey in a recipe that also calls for brown sugar, you can typically cut back a bit on the brown sugar in the recipe as you'll get some of the same rich, molasses-like flavors from the mesquite honey. The color of the honey also makes items like cookies, bars, and quick breads look more richly colored.

In Coffee

Do you like honey in your coffee? This tends to be a really polarizing question. Some people love it and others hate it. If you are someone who puts honey in your coffee, then you need to give mesquite honey a try. Its deeper, robust flavors tend to enhance the coffee's body. It's especially great in a dark roast coffee.

In Oatmeal

If you normally put brown sugar in your oatmeal, try changing to mesquite honey. It lends a similar richness and sweetness to the oatmeal, but the honey has a lower glycemic index, meaning that it won't spike your blood sugar as dramatically. This is better if you are diabetic or are simply trying to watch your weight.

Mesquite honey might sound like something that belongs at a barbecue, but it's just honey made from the nectar of mesquite trees. Keep your eye out for some of this honey and give it a try.

Contact a supplier of local mesquite honey for more information.