How To Prepare For A Heatwave As A Restaurant Owner

Posted on: 7 January 2018

As a restaurant owner, the big things that happen in the city will have an impact on your business. If many tourists come in for a major event, you will need to prepare with more food and staff than normal. If a major ice storm is coming, you will need to shut down early and plan for the lost income for a few days. A heatwave brings a different type of planning that will be required. Here are three things to do to prepare for a heatwave coming to your city. 

Get emergency dry ice

Though your regular ice machine may be working just as well, chances are that you will use more ice than normal. It is often common that during a heatwave, you could have a brownout that takes the electricity out for some time. Get dry ice in order to help keep the drinks and frozen food in order without any big issues. With emergency dry ice, you will be able to keep the food cold and not be concerned if your ice maker is having trouble keeping up with capacity for the day. 

Bring in extra ice cream

During a heatwave, customers will come to your store to get cool by the air conditioning and food. In order to offer a quick treat to go and to make a little bit of money during the heatwave, you should get some ice cream treats to offer during this time. For a dollar or two per piece, customers can drop in throughout the day and purchase a treat to cool them down. Word of mouth and a sign will go a long way to making money and helping people beat the heat with your ice cream during the heatwave. 

Bring inextra fans

If your restaurant becomes extra crowded due to double-digit temperatures outside, the air conditioning may not be enough. You need to be sure that your customers and staff remain cool, especially in the kitchen. Prior to the heatwave coming, purchase some fans for the restaurant. Floor flans are excellent for the kitchen, as they will not blow directly on the food or the grill but can keep the kitchen staff cool. For the restaurant floor, fans that are high up and can blow down will cool a larger number of patrons and won't get in the way of any walking space for the customers or staff.