Things You Need To Know About Your Wedding Caterer's Service

Posted on: 17 January 2018

Your wedding reception should be just as special as your wedding. The food and drink, the decorations, and the music should all be exactly what you want. If you plan on having the reception at the same place as the wedding, ask if they provide the catering or if you will need to find your own. Regardless of who is going to be providing the food, you need to know more than what the menu will be to ensure the event goes as planned. Here are a few things you will need to discuss with the potential caterers before making a decision.

What Does the Quoted Fee Include?

Some initial quotes are strictly for the food. They will prepare the food and arrange it on a table for guests to serve themselves. If you want people to serve the food to your guests it may cost extra regardless of whether the guest will be served buffet style or at their tables. In addition, you need to know if there will be a bartender and/or someone going to the tables refilling water or soft drinks. If any servers are provided are you expected to tip them or is the gratuity included in the quote? Make sure you know who is supposed to provide the tables, chairs, and linens too. Sometimes the venue does this and sometimes it is the catering company.

How Long Will the Meal Take?

You do not want to end up with only an hour to party and dance because the meal took too long. You need to consider how long you can stay at the venue when planning the meal. If necessary, ask for an extra hour or so at the venue or change the type of meal service.

What Happens if Extra or Fewer Guests Show Up?

Even though you sent invitations asking for the number of people who will be attending the reception does not mean that someone won't bring an extra person or that everyone will actually show up. The caterer will probably ask you for a final head count a week or so before the event to make sure they order enough food. You need to know what would happen if you end up with more guests that what was planned for. You don't want them to have to reduce the serving size or not be able to feed someone. In addition, what happens if you end up with a lot of no-shows? If you still have to pay for the number quoted because they bought and prepared food for that many, do you get to take home any leftovers?

Knowing all the details of the wedding catering service ensures that you are not hit with an unexpected bill at the end of the evening. It also ensures that your wedding reception goes just the way you want it to go and that everyone has a great time and will remember your special day the way you do.