Tasty Japanese Desserts To Follow Your Favorite Sushi

Posted on: 17 March 2018

Going out for sushi or planning to make your own? Wherever you choose to eat, consider something a little different for dessert; finish your Japanese-inspired meal with authentic flavors and taste for dessert, too. Look for these sweet Japanese finishes the next time you are feeling like sushi.


Mochi is a common dessert made from a short-grain rice that is high in gluten. The gluten gives the mochi its distinctive texture, and it makes it possible to pound the cake into a paste to mold. You will find mochi in a variety of shapes for holidays or special occasions, and mochi is frequently served toasted alongside different toppings.


Crepes may seem like a funny thing to find in Japanese restaurants, but they are a very popular dessert – perfect after sushi! Japanese crepes are a bit flashier than the French version, usually filled with ice cream, fruit, nuts, and topped with elaborate garnishes and confections. Crepes are finger food in Japan, eaten like a sandwich and often thicker than conventional French crepes.

Coffee Jelly

If you want to impress a date at a Japanese restaurant, order coffee jelly for dessert. This sweet finish is basically a coffee-flavored gelatin that is topped with whipped or heavy cream. The coffee flavor is satisfying and the perfect way to end a meal, especially if you want something light.


Dango is a true treat that is often served on sticks, to roast or toast over a fire. Dango is a sweet rice cake, like a donut or dumpling, that you can dip in sweet sauces or that you may drizzle in syrup. These chewy delicacies are found in many Japanese restaurants and eateries.

Dessert Sushi

If you want to stick with a theme, go ahead and try some of the inspired dessert sushi ideas online. You can take a shortcut by making fruit sushi, which is a tasty following to sushi and sake. Usually, fruit sushi consists of sweetened sticky rice and a variety of precisely-cut fruits and berries rolled and arranged in an alluring and colorful way.

Having sushi tonight? Elevate the experience with one of these Japanese-inspired desserts! These will impress your guests, awe your family, and quell your sweet tooth after sushi — or any meal! Don't let a heavy dessert be your downfall after a light sushi meal; try these suggestions to enjoy a tasty, authentic Japanese dessert that won't weigh you down.

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