3 Foods You Should Try At Barbecue Restaurants

Posted on: 26 June 2020

Barbecue is the perfect solution for a hungry tummy. With slowly roasted meats that have been on the smoker for hours and crisp, freshly prepared sides, you simply can't go wrong with a great barbecue plate. However, many people stick with what they know, which can rob them of opportunities for culinary growth. Here are three foods you should try at barbecue restaurants. 

1. Beef Brisket

Made from the lower chest of a cow, beef brisket is incredibly flavorful and marbled with fat. After slowly being smoked for hours, beef brisket is tender enough to cut without a fork and flavorful enough to enjoy without sauce. You can order beef brisket dry or wet. Dry cuts are the leaner portions of the meat, while the wet portions are marbled with more fat. 

If it is your first time ordering brisket, ask for a mix of the two so you can try them both out. Brisket is typically served on its own, with sides, or inside a sandwich with barbecue sauce. 

2. Carolina Barbecue Sauce

While many people stick with traditional thick, sweet barbecue sauce, there are several varieties you should try when you head to a barbecue restaurant. If you like sauce that is a little more tart and tangy, try Carolina-style barbecue sauce, which is made with a vinegar base instead of a tomato base. This sauce is often complimented with ground pepper and a little chili powder, adding a kick to any barbecue dish you order. 

3. Hush Puppies

If you have ever ordered a beignet, you might enjoy a hush puppy. These deep-fried bread balls are made with spices and herbs and fried to a crisp. Hush puppies create a satisfying complement to salads and can also be used to soak up extra sauces. Some people order hush puppies as an appetizer, while others enjoy theirs at the end of their meal to round off a delicious barbecue beef dinner. When you order hush puppies, ask if they have different varieties or just a single kind. Some versions have additions like grated cheddar cheese and roasted jalepeño. 

If you are craving delicious barbecue, reach out to a restaurant like Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse in your area to see if they offer any of these fantastic menu options. Be open with what you are willing to try. After all, you may just find your next favorite thing. Ask family members and friends about their favorite barbecue items, and don't be scared to order a few extra things to take home and try later.