Why Wraps Should Be On Your Catering Menu

Posted on: 12 January 2021

When you're coming up with a menu for a casual lunch event that you're getting catered, it might be tempting to have different sandwiches available for those in attendance. While there's nothing wrong with sandwiches, you may wish to make a slight adjustment to this idea and go with wraps instead. Your catering service can give you many options for wraps — not only the ingredients inside of them but also the types of wraps themselves. For example, you might favor a variety of wrap styles, including those that are plain, those that have sun-dried tomatoes baked into them, and even those that are gluten-free. Here are some reasons that wraps are a good choice for a lunch menu.

They're Easy To Eat While Standing

If your catered lunch will be casual, there's a good chance that a lot of people will be standing while they eat. Whether this is at your workplace or at a community event, you want to choose the fare that is conducive to eating without sitting down. While it's possible to eat a sandwich while standing, certain types of sandwiches can be a little messy — which could make eating them challenging for some people. Wraps are easy and tidy to eat while standing, especially when your catering service puts a paper wrapper around the base of the wrap to prevent ingredients from falling out.

They Can Be More Exciting

There will likely be people in attendance at your catered event who feel that wraps are a little more exciting than sandwiches. When you make this choice for your menu, you'll be providing fare that appeals to your guests. For example, if you're planning a catered lunch for your office, sandwiches may not be the best choice because many of your employees likely already bring sandwiches to work. This can make the lunch not seem as special as you want it to be. When you go with wraps, you're offering fare that is a little more unique.

They Can Be A Little Healthier

It's possible for wraps to be a healthier choice than sandwiches, which may appeal to the health-conscious individuals who will be eating at your event. For example, a lot of people try to reduce the amount of bread that they eat. While wraps share several common ingredients with bread, they are considerably thinner than sandwich bread — and especially thinner than buns. For those who don't have to overindulge in bread products, wraps may be a lighter choice.

Contact a local catering service to learn more about your wrap options.