Purchase Pork Chorizo For Home Or Business Use

Posted on: 29 July 2021

Pork chorizo sausages are popular staples used in many Mexican and Spanish dishes. Fatty pork pieces that have been highly seasoned are sold in uncooked, cooked, and cured formats. Contact a pork chorizo supplier to learn about some of the flavor profiles available and a chorizo product's versatility within the kitchen.

Chorizo Varieties

Depending upon the region where chorizo is prepared, additional spices or a distinct cooking process may be utilized. If you want to follow the traditions that are implemented in Mexico and Spain, a supplier may recommend that you purchase a raw or a cooked chorizo product or that you opt for one of the sausage types that use ranchero sauce or a distinct spice blend that is designed to heighten the heat of a pork product.

A flavor profile will be listed with each pork sausage that a supplier sells. This profile will list the types of spices that are used to prepare a meat, the cut of pork that is utilized, and the types of dishes that are commonly prepared with the pork. A description of the level of heat should be furnished through a supplier. Chile peppers, paprika, garlic, and vinegar are some of the ingredients that give chorizo its bold flavor. 

Your Order And Meal Prep

If you are going to order pork chorizo for home use, you may want to try out a sampler pack that includes uncooked and cooked varieties that are often served in both Mexican and Spanish territories. If you are a restaurant owner and are going to be serving a specific type of cuisine, have a supplier guide you in ordering chorizo products that can be used to create tacos, burritos, various egg dishes, and stews.

Chorizo is rather crumbly and can be used in place of ground beef. Review the storage and cooking guidelines that a supplier furnishes. If you are going to be purchasing fresh meat products, request an expedited shipping option. Some suppliers may use dry ice or ice packs to preserve the freshness of meat.

If you want to purchase a product that contains preservatives, shop for a line of cured pork chorizo ingredients. Cured meat is often soaked in a brine solution that will dehydrate the meat and help it retain its freshness. Chorizo products that have been cured may come in a vaccum-sealed package. A product's labeling will indicate its shelf-life and the required preparation and cooking steps.