The Kaiser Bun, Its Variations, and Why You Should Try Them All

Posted on: 10 October 2018
Bread is the most universal food; almost every single country in the world has bread. It would take you most of your adult life to try every kind of bread from every country in the world, including all of the variations of the different kinds from different countries. However, if you are very select about what you try, you may still be able to sample many breads—and find some of your favorites.
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Developing A Business Plan For Your Takeout Restaurant: 3 Necessary Steps You Will Need To Take

Posted on: 26 July 2018
Have you always had an interest in working in the restaurant industry? Whether you went to culinary school or business school to learn some important things about properly running a restaurant, you may feel like now is the best time for you to open a convenient takeout restaurant where customers can call in their orders, come in to pick the food up, or even have it delivered to their homes. If this is something you are passionate about starting, you will need to develop a business plan and follow the steps of that plan to achieve your goals of opening a successful takeout restaurant that customers will love.
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Tasty Japanese Desserts To Follow Your Favorite Sushi

Posted on: 17 March 2018
Going out for sushi or planning to make your own? Wherever you choose to eat, consider something a little different for dessert; finish your Japanese-inspired meal with authentic flavors and taste for dessert, too. Look for these sweet Japanese finishes the next time you are feeling like sushi. Mochi Mochi is a common dessert made from a short-grain rice that is high in gluten. The gluten gives the mochi its distinctive texture, and it makes it possible to pound the cake into a paste to mold.
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Starting A Restaurant? Why Walk-In Refrigeration Is The Only Choice

Posted on: 1 March 2018
.A good restaurant is nothing without a strong back-of-the-house setup. The chefs and cooks who prepare the meals each day have a huge task to handle. If they aren't on their game the hosts, waiters and waitresses could be left in a tight spot as they struggle to explain why guests are having to wait so long for the food that they have ordered. The best way to make sure that your kitchen runs correctly is to get the right equipment.
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