Great Ways To Use Mesquite Honey

Posted on: 22 November 2021
When you first hear the term "mesquite honey," you may assume this is a honey that has been smoked over mesquite wood. However, mesquite honey is actually honey that has been made from the nectar of mesquite trees. It's mostly produced in the southwest United States, where mesquite trees are common. Even though this honey is not, in fact, smoked, it does tend to be darker in color with a more robust flavor than most honey.
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Purchase Pork Chorizo For Home Or Business Use

Posted on: 29 July 2021
Pork chorizo sausages are popular staples used in many Mexican and Spanish dishes. Fatty pork pieces that have been highly seasoned are sold in uncooked, cooked, and cured formats. Contact a pork chorizo supplier to learn about some of the flavor profiles available and a chorizo product's versatility within the kitchen. Chorizo Varieties Depending upon the region where chorizo is prepared, additional spices or a distinct cooking process may be utilized.
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Why Wraps Should Be On Your Catering Menu

Posted on: 12 January 2021
When you're coming up with a menu for a casual lunch event that you're getting catered, it might be tempting to have different sandwiches available for those in attendance. While there's nothing wrong with sandwiches, you may wish to make a slight adjustment to this idea and go with wraps instead. Your catering service can give you many options for wraps — not only the ingredients inside of them but also the types of wraps themselves.
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3 Foods You Should Try At Barbecue Restaurants

Posted on: 26 June 2020
Barbecue is the perfect solution for a hungry tummy. With slowly roasted meats that have been on the smoker for hours and crisp, freshly prepared sides, you simply can't go wrong with a great barbecue plate. However, many people stick with what they know, which can rob them of opportunities for culinary growth. Here are three foods you should try at barbecue restaurants.  1. Beef Brisket Made from the lower chest of a cow, beef brisket is incredibly flavorful and marbled with fat.
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